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    Lindsay Sarazin, born and raised in North Bay Ontario, is a multi-disciplinary artist who has been in involved in multiple projects involving film, television, video, and …

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Photography born from a visual artist background, the photographers at Wolf Eye Productions bring a unique and fresh style to the industry.


Are you documenting your family reunion? Maybe you have a wedding you would like to capture on video? Or your theatre company is doing a one time performance and you would like to watch it again in the future? Whatever your video needs, we have it covered.


At Wolf Eye Productions, we always have creative ideas that we just really need to get out into the world. Here we have our short films or documentaries that we have worked on, so that you can enjoy in our creativity as well.
We Are Wolf Eye Productions

Here at Wolf Eye Productions we offer more than just the regular rules of business. Yes quality, professionalism, and efficiency are all apart of it. We believe in offering a positive experience. We believe in relationship building. We believe in you. Being behind the camera is only one piece of the puzzle, but telling your story in front of it is what makes each moment in our careers count for something.

Clients Buzz
I have enjoyed Lindsay's work for the past few years now, I've never seen him without a camera around his neck. He's not afraid to push boundaries and is very creative and unique in what he does.
Jos Levesque - Professional Photographer