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Well, where do I begin…
Weddings, like any good relationship, has its challenges and rewards. Some challenges are that its a hard days work, sometimes spanning from a full 8hrs all the way till 14 or 15 hours. Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Sometimes things happen out of my control as a photographer and out of everyones else’s control.



However, the upside to is I enjoy the rush, the happiness that I get to capture and all the little moments of the day that are sprinkled throughout. To me a wedding is more than just a day as a photographer, its an opportunity. An opportunity to be the sole creative witness at an event that will only happen once in someone’ s lifetime. To see and experience the hustle and bustle of getting ready in the morning, to see the first kiss, and to see the stress of (sometimes) years worth of planning begin to finally fall off the brides’ and grooms’ shoulders as they enter the evening. And I get there to be a witness to it all. It truly is an honour for me to be invited and to share in such an important day in someones life.



So like any good relationship, this profession has its challenges and rewards…but to experience a once in a lifetime moment is the reward that outweigh it all for me.

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The Beginning of Wolf Eye Productions

Wolf Eye Productions: A relatively simple name that holds bits and pieces of myself, both spiritually and physically.

Its a name that will hopefully be able to look back in 40 years, 60 years, heck even 100 years and be able to tell stories that can stand the test of time.

Wolf Eye Productions holds a lot of hope, in the hope of a successful business and in the hopes of creating visuals and stories that will catch your eye, maybe inspire you, as isn’t that the goal of any media business? Maybe so, however I feel the need to carve my own path in an already flooded world of media.

I guess you were expecting a formal introduction and a nicely and perfectly written letter to those viewing this blog, however I feel that wouldn’t be me. I don’t fancy myself much of a writer, or blogger, or journalist. I just like to express my opinions and thoughts just the same as everyone else. To create a connection through media, whether that be social media or visual media is how the world turns in the 21st century. I want to connect to you, to show you stories or pictures of people that I deem to be important in your life, or that you deem to be important in my life. Maybe the picture or video is about you and you want to share that to the world, because we all have a story to tell.

So, if you see me in the streets of North Bay or some random place in the world, say hi and tell me a story. Maybe we can share it together.

Oh yea, and my name is Lindsay Sarazin, an Algonquin of Goldenlake First Nations.